Snapshots from the Reunion

Vol. 50, No. 1         FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY - Location of Friendliest School in the County        October 3, 2010

After more than 50 years, the paths of David Schroeder, Jim Sullins and Ross Simpson spontaneously converge on Interstate 81, enroute to the reunion.
There are many fewer classmates in the bottom photo than the top one, but estimates are the total weight is about the same.
At the Homecoming Game ....
Jerry Hornbuckle Wells, Debby Murrell, Ross Simpson, Jack Frick and Don Pierce
Bonnie Norene Sturgeon and her date.
L-R:  Jim Payne, Tommy Hall, Ross Simposn, Jack Frick, Coach Kenny Arnold, Walter Larmee, Richard Humphrey, Jim Sullins
Bob Cox, Debby Murrell and Don McKay
Jerry Hornbuckle Wells, Debby Murrell, Jill Wring Dennison,
Bonnie Norene Sturgeon
Don Espy and Linda Lantz Espy,
Glenna Sullins in background
Mary Jane Fields Kasser and Barbara Bryant Lechner
Front row:  Walter Larmee, Jack Frick, Tommy Hall, Bob Cox, Bill Sibley, Coach Kenny Arnold
Bill Bailey says hello to Coach Arnold.
Ross Simpson, Big Boy, Jim Sullins
Fern Creek 26  DeSales 21
Homecoming 2010
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