Jefferson County's Oldest
Fern Creek Traditional High School
A Photo Essay
Text by Jim Sullins
Photos by Ross Simpson
The view above was taken on Fairground Road in 1923, the year the Fern Creek school opened.  The picture was taken to showcase the newly installed telephone line. 
U.of L. Photo
Somewhere in Fern Creek, as the high school was getting started in 1923, somebody was building this little bungalow.  Note the early panel truck, and the kibitzers watching from the house next door.  That same year, in New York City, the original Yankee Stadium opened to cheers for Babe Ruth and Lou Gerhig.  In Los Angeles, Walt and Roy Disney founded The Walt Disney Company, meaning the tiger was born the same year as the mouse.
U.of L. Photo
Right, during the winter of 1948, Fern Creek High School appears much as it does today.  The school was built in 1941, immediately before the U. S. entry into World War II.  Left, little has changed at the original main entry, which led to the auditorium and gymnasium.
U.of L. Photo
In recent years, this motivational arch has been added to the driveway next to the auditorium wing.  The text reads "Tito P. Castillo's Pathway to Proficiency & Beyond."  Castillo was the school's principal for many years.
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