Vol. 50, No. 1         FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY - Location of Friendliest School in the County        October 3, 2010
50th Anniversary Reunion - October 2, 2010 - Audubon Country Club - Registration at 5:30 P.M.
This page above is copied from  "A Rare Vision, The History of Fern Creek Traditional High School," by Carol Taylor, published by the Alumni Association.  Copies will be available for purchase at most of the events on reunion weekend or may be ordered from the Association.
TigerGazette.com Appoints Contributing Editor
TigerGazette.com announces the appointment of Edward R. Murrow Award winner and Fern Creek Hall of Famer Ross W. Simpson as Contributing Editor.  The announcement comes after weeks of intense negotiations, during which Simpson demanded and held out for the largest annual salary ever paid by this web site.  Simpson will work for $1 per year.
Managing editor Jim Sullins made the announcement as Simpson is on the air, working his shift as an Associated Press Radio Network news anchor, broadcasting through radio stations nationwide and around the world.
"This web site couldn't exist in its present condition without Ross's energetic work and ideas,"  Sullins said.
To honor his prolific contributions, Simpson is being given his own page, where he can submit and have published articles on any topic of his choosing.  His repertoire of experiences is extensive, and it is appropriate to "unleash" him, for the enjoyment of everybody viewing the site.
You can view Ross's page by clicking HERE.
Ross Simpson
Vol. 50, No. 1         FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY - Location of Friendliest School in the County        October 3, 2010
I know I wasn't there. Jim Small, Dotty Newton, Hank G., Louis Nagel, Lynn K. and I were on a different planet for sure. We have memories too, but they don't begin to overlap with the others.
Janice Deeb Gritton

All I remember of the senior banquet is the headache the next morning, Mr. Klapheke's greeting as he asked me to join him in his office, and explaining to my father why he would have to meet with me and the assistant principal the next morning. Not a pretty picture.
Allan Ament

I remember we had the Sultans play for us and our class night rock group did “Annie Had A Baby” and “Cherry Pie.”  At the end of the evening Cosmo wanted the Sultan’s money and, like an idiot, I asked Mr. Niman about it.  I guess my eyes and slurred speech earned me a trip to his office the next morning where I received a threat about not graduating. Mom had to come to the school to bail me out. Not a happy house for a few days; but, I think everyone had a great time.
(Second email) I didn’t say I was drunk. I know that I was totally in control. I was chewing ice cubes when I talked to Niman and he just jumped to conclusions.
(Third email) I think it was in a room at Freedom Hall and it was just our class. I don’t remember the banquet part, just that we hired the Sultans and danced a lot. To be sure there was mucho imbibing going on and I do remember a headache like Allan describes. It seems that four of us were hauled before Niman. I don’t remember the others. Since Allan has confessed, I’m pretty sure the other two were girls. The general feeling was that they were making an example of us.
Larry Albright

Wasn't it at Crescent Hill Methodist Church? We had something there.  We all went to Hogan's Fountain afterwards.  I remember something about a missing "turtle."
Debby Murrell

Sorry, I can't remember it, either.
Mary Jane Fields Kasser

Wish I could help but I did not attend.  I don't recall if any of my closest friends attended.  Jon (Jack) Little (deceased), Jim Paddock (deceased), Mike Gish (deceased), Larry Graham(?), Jim Boebinger (Still kicking, I see.)
Arley Houston McGill

I have no idea. Sorry.
Pat Fedler

I want to add my confirmation of events at the Senior Banquet. Your previous respondents were quite right, "it was very drunk out that night!”  I remember successfully smuggling in a pint of bourbon past "security.” Unfortunately, I didn’t quit while I was ahead. With the help of several classmates, that pint was soon gone. Susie Wildman and I went back to my car to get a second bottle. I was not quite so inconspicuous on the second pass through security. Susie and I were caught, the pint was confiscated, and we were told to bring our parents to Mr. Niman's office on Monday morning or we would not be allowed to graduate. As I recall, there were 6-10 students present on Monday morning. Everyone had their parents with them except Susie and me. Our parents both said the same thing, "You managed to get yourself into this mess, now get yourself out.”  Fortunately Mr. Niman was in a forgiving mood that day. He accepted our stories and allowed us to take part in the graduation exercises. My recollection of these events is somewhat clouded, partly from the alcohol which impaired my memory formation that night and partly by the rum, tequila and beer consumed during the ensuing 50 years.
Bob Bornschein

The reasons you can't remember it?  That's the way "Aunt Mary" started, or you showed up wasted.  Either one is pretty bad.  I will never forget out senior banquet.  It was a very sad day.  My Father was buried that morning and that night I danced in Hogan’s Fountain, stepped barefooted on a broken beer bottle, had 6-7 stitches and a profuse limp at my graduation! 
Marc Rucker

I would, if I could.
Barbara Bryant Lechner

I went to the Senior Banquet with Linda Smith.  The banquet was held on the second floor of the Fair Grounds on the right side.  I took Linda Smith to the banquet.  Can't remember much more than that.
Don Pierce

There was a Senior Banquet?  Where was I?
Ross Simpson

I think it was in the lunchroom... the very small photo in the booklet I sent looks like it as well.
Janice Deeb Gritton

All I can remember is that Bill Bailey and David Schroeder picked me up in Bill's Corvette and I have a picture.  I don’t remember where it was or anything else about it.  Where was it?  Maybe I can remember more if I knew where I went.
Giesla Pennie

I don't remember it at all. Perhaps, I didn't have the money to attend it, I don't know.
Stanley Haas

I don't recall a lot of details, but I do recall that it was a great time for all of us. I recall the loveliness of my date for the prom, of course, and how enjoyable it was to be there with her.  I recall that prior to the prom several of the guys, including me, went to a Fern Creek liquor store and made purchases.  I recall my choice was a half pint of Heaven Hill. The banquet itself was quite a bash, and I recall mixing a few drinks for myself, to go along with dinner. I recall the despicable comments by Bill Klapheke, which did not go over well with us, but he maintained his consistency in that regard, up to the last. Then the dance started with music by a local group, The Sultans, who played and sang rock and roll with their pompadours and red silky jackets. Their lead singer was "Cosmo," who was known to drive around Louisville in a Cadillac with monkey on his shoulder. The music was great and we all really rocked out that evening.  I enjoyed dancing with a lot of girls who I had been friends with for the last seven years, and got a few goodbye kisses here and there. It recall chaperones, like Miss Collins, sitting and watching passively, some were smiling. At one point several guys lined up facing the stage, dancing in unison to the music. The band really got a kick out of that. I heard there were some disciplinary visits to the principal's office, about use of alcohol. I somehow escaped being penalized.
Mark Morgan

I must have been working that night.
Jim Sullins
Here are the entertaining responses to the call for help in remembering the Senior Banquet.  Apparently it was held in the Mason-Dixon Room at Freedom Hall on May 23, 1960.