Vol. 50, No. 1         FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY - Location of Friendliest School in the County        October 3, 2010
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Fran Norsworthy's 8th grade 'Core' class.  Check out J.D. in the saddle oxfords.  Who else looks familiar?
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
John Milkovich's 8th grade 'Core' class.  Check out Steve Howard, who hadn't shot up yet.  Is that Ruth Ann Harrison in the third row?
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
Jon Mark Morgan, in tough guy attire, except for the Weejun.
Denny Nachand and Jack Frick holding hands.
Sweet, isn't it.
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
Mary Jane and Barbara Bryant
find comfort in
each other.
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
This is about my very best friend, Barbara Sue Riehlman, and the night we spent together, following a basketball game. 
We were in third grade and our mothers were selling hot dogs for the PTA at a Fern Creek Tigers basketball game.  We both had older siblings, so our parents were active with grade school and high school activities 
Not giving a hoot about the game, Barbara Sue and I spent the entire night stuffing our faces with hot dogs and running from one end of the gym to the other along the top walkway. 
Barbara Sue spent the night with me that night and around 2 a.m. I felt her shaking me.  Slowly I pushed up, from sleeping on my belly, and muttered "Huh?"
I was answered by Barbara Sue expelling a full night's worth of hot dogs and soft drinks onto my face and into my open mouth.
My mother appeared within seconds of my shrieks, thinking we were both being murdered. 
It wasn’t a great night for two third graders. 
You may ask how I could remember this, but how could I forget?
Mary Jane learned early to keep her mouth shut when rising.
Peggy Karem McClusky sent these snapshots from the band's ill-fatedl 1958 trip to New Orleans, when they were trapped in Alabama by a snow storm.
Principal W. K. Niman,overdressed and loaded down with photography equipment.
Posing in the slush are, l-r, Carmen Irwin, Diana Dunker, Rosetta Shaikun and Peggy Barnett
Band Director Tom Walker at the bus with two women Peggy can't remember.  If you can identify them, send an email and we'll add their names.