Vol. 50, No. 1         FERN CREEK, KENTUCKY - Location of Friendliest School in the County        October 3, 2010
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It hasn't been too many years since somebody found Barbara Bryant warbling at a downtown piano bar frequented by soldiers.  It was said she sometimes smoked and drank with them.  Actually, this is our girl on Class Night, caressing that microphone like a real torch song diva.
This is part of the Class Night "Glowing Coconuts" chorus line.  Your editor was on the end of that line.  His mother told him he looked skinny.  What I remember most is Barbara Bryant putting on my leg makup.
L-R:  Larry Albright, Allan Ament and Jim Sullins in Don McKay's basement over Thanksgiving break, 1959.
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
Photo submitted by Barbara Bryant Lechner
Photo submitted by Barbara Bryant Lechner
There was a cheerleader camp in Lexington. As you'e expect, several  boys went to visit them. The girls were there for the week-end.
I don't remember whose idea it was, but the boys decided one of us should dress as a girl cheerleader and parade through the lobby of the hotel. As you have probably guessed by now, I was the chosen one.
I dressed up, with all appropriate make-up, but with unshaven legs. Everyone went to the lobby to be present when I made my walk through. I was a hit, as you can imagine. Then we went back to the girls' room; I think I was running.
No sooner had we gotten into the room than the hotel security man knocked on the door, announcing he was looking for the guy dressed up in the cheerleader outfit. In those days it wasn’t call being in drag.
With no other place to go, I hid in the bathroom, where Mary Jane was taking a shower. The security man was let in the room, he looked around, knocked on the bathroom door, heard water running and was told that a girl was taking a shower. They left, satisfied that this was not the right room. I assure you nothing was revealed that afternoon.
Submitted by Jack Frick
We tried to corroborate Jack's breathless tale, but the two cheerleaders mentioned in the story claim no recollection of it.  If you can help piece together the events of that day, adding names, please contact us.  Ed.
Frick's Revealing Tale of Nearly Showering With A Cheerleader
The Tiger's photo of the 1960 FCHS baseball team, probably not accurate because it was
taken before baseball tryouts.  Karmen Bush, a pitcher, is number 10 in the second row.
After graduating from Western Kentucky, Karmen Bush taught and coached baseball in the Jefferson County school system for many years, until his retirement in the mid-1990's. In retirement he held many jobs from restaurants to drug stores, finally working for metro parks for the City of Louisville.
Karmen was a terrific father to Mark, Michele, and Leslie and a beloved grandfather of four. He and his wife Brenda shared a life of doing for the Louisville Jewish community by catering and operating the summer snack bar at the Jewish Community Center.
Karmen was generally a "good" person. He loved U.K. basketball.  We always talked sports when my wife Roz and I were with the Bushes socially.
He fought a courageous battle with head and neck cancer for nearly 4-1/2 years, finally passing away in December, 2009.
"Cawood", as he was known to many of us, was a soft-spoken man who will be missed by the many people who counted him as a friend.  It was a sad day for me, when I helped carry my friend to his final resting place.
David Friedman Remembers Karmen Bush
Jim Sullins adds a postscript:  Karmen and his parents will always have a special place in my heart.  The Bushes owned a neighborhood grocery store in the West End.  Karmen worked there on Saturdays, stocking shelves and delivering orders.  He knew that I worked at the Hikes Point Winn-Dixie and that the income I generated was very important to my family.
One day at school, Karmen asked if I'd like to work at the family store on Saturdays.  He'd already cleared it with his father; and, he volunteered that he would drive me to Winn-Dixie in time to begin my Saturday shift at 3:30 p.m.  I hadn't asked for work; it was simply a thoughtful gesture on the part of a good friend. 
So, for many months, Karmen and I on Saturdays would report to the West End store at 7:30 a.m. and we'd leave about 2:45 p.m. for the drive to Hikes Point, where I'd work my 3:30-11:30 shift.  We lost a gem when we lost Karmen Bush.
Sharon Wagoner was a memorable girl.  Sharon Wagoner was a memorable girl.  Oh yeah, Jack Frick and Barbara Bryant are also in the photo.
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser
Don McKay, soon after graduation.
Photo submitted by M. J. Fields Kasser